Night Time Tablets 50mg Full Spectrum (30ct)


50mg Full-Spectrum Night Time CBD and Melatonin tablet. Gentle but powerful, this CBDA, CBD high-potency tablet is specially formulated with pharmaceutical-grade Melatonin for the perfect balance of nighttime benefits.

This very popular Bliss Wellness CBD and Melatonin tablet is economical and bio-available, meaning it’s been carefully formulated to absorb quickly and gently. Each tablet contains a 50 milligrams dose of very high-grade Full-Spectrum CBD, CBDA, and Melatonin for full-effect, high-potency night time blend.

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Get maximum benefits with Bliss Wellness Night Time CBD with Melatonin. Perfectly formulated with high potency Full-Spectrum CBD & CBDA, our CBD with Melatonin becomes the perfect supplement to enhance the effects of CBD for night time use. As with all other Bliss Wellness tablets, Bliss Wellness Night Time CBD with Melatonin is significantly enhanced and provides potency far greater than other standard CBD formulations.

With enhanced bio-availability and balanced cannabinoid diversity, Bliss Wellness 50mg CBD with Melatonin provides an overall potency equivalent to as much as 300mg of plain CBD. Additional ingredients including melatonin are also boosted with Piperine.

With 50 milligrams of Broad Spectrum, your FluxxLab™ Night-Time tablets will be sure to impress you. CBD with Melatonin is our most popular night time CBD tablet.


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